Talent: Might of the Demon God

Healing effects+(10, 13, 16, 20)%. AoE skills grant affected blocks the [Breath of Life] effect for (1, 1, 1, 2) rounds: When friendly units end turn on this block, remove 1 debuff and heal them for 1x this Hero's INT.

Bond Requirement:

  • Glory: Level 5 Intimacy.
  • Light: Level 10 Intimacy + Reach Level 30.
  • Honor: Level 15 Intimacy + Clear Time Rift 3-1 (Elite) with this character.
  • Toughness: Level 23 Intimacy + Clear Gate 4 with Ares's help.
  • Strength: Level 25 Intimacy + Clear Gate 5 with Bozel's help.
  • Related Bonds

  • FlorentiaATK: Clear Gate 5 with Licorice's help.
  • GustavDEF: Clear GoF with Licorice's help.
  • KerteszDEF: Clear Gate 4 with Licorice's help
  • LucretiaDEF: Clear GoF: "File 4 - Brilliant Destruction" with Licorice's help.
  • PatsyrATK: Complete GoF: "A New Beginning" with Licorice's help.
  • PolyalDEF: Clear GoF: "Messenger of Change" with Licorice's help.
  • RenataDEF: Clear Gate 4 with Licorice's help.
  • Saintess of the ArkDEF: Clear Gate 4 with Licorice's help.
  • Level 70 Max Stats:

  • Princess of Darkness
  • HP: 3,920 | ATK: 267 | INT: 509 | DEF: 263 | MDEF:400 | SKL: 117
  • Fated Martyr
  • HP: 3,606 | ATK: 267 | INT: 480 | DEF: 254 | MDEF:400 | SKL: 117

    Soldier Bonus:

  • Princess of Darkness / Fated Martyr
  • HP: 15% | ATK: 20% | DEF: 30% | MDEF: 35%
    Level 4
    Princess of Darkness: When initiating battle, unit's damage taken is reduced by 10%. Fated Martyr: When attacked by a unit with a higher HP percentage than yours, damage received in battle is reduced by 10%
    Level 7
    Princess of Darkness: When entering battle from taking a physical attack, damage is increased by 10%. Fated Martyr: When attacked with a magic attack and entering battle, damage dealt is increased by 10%.

    Exclusive Equipment: Young Monarch

    HP +10%. This unit's buffs do not decrease in duration when using act again effects. If this unit has a special effect from a Fusion Power, then when ending action without dealing damage, all skills get CD-1.

    Awakening: Dark Despair

    Cost: ••• / CD: 5 / Range: Self / Span: 5

    Deals 0.3x AoE damage to all enemies within a 5-block radius and applies 1 random debuff. Restores HP of multiple friendly units within range equal to caster's INT x3 and dispels 1 debuff.

    Casting Pattern: Demon's Protection

    [Passive] INT +5%. When you use a skill, the ally unit at the center of the skill gains immunity to all debuffs and "damage taken reduced by 15%" for 2 turns.

    Classes & Soldiers

    Princess of Darkness

    Soldiers: Wizard, Leviathan

    Fated Martyr

    Soldiers: Bishop, Vampire Bat

    Training Ground

    Soldiers: Crystal Warlock, Sorceress, Tidal Elf, Glacier Elemental, Shore Celebrant



    Cost: / CD: 1 / Range: 2 / Span: Single

    [Magic Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Effective against Infantry.

    Mass Heal

    Cost: •• / CD: 1 / Range: 3 / Span: 3

    [Heal] Restores HP of multiple units within range (3x caster's INT) and dispels 1 debuff from each.

    Demon Oracle

    Demonic Advent

    Cost: •• / CD: 5 / Range: Self / Span: Self

    [Transform] All of your healing increase effects are replaced with damage increase effects and you enter the [Demonic Advent] status: In this form, [Breath of Life] becomes [Breath of Darkness]. When enemy units move to affected blocks, they are afflicted with 1 random debuff after taking action and take fixed damage once. This damage is equal to Licorice's INT x1.2. Can act again after using this skill (Cannot move). Using this skill in [Demonic Advent] status cancels [Demonic Advent].

    Princess of Darkness

    Force of Darkness

    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: Self / Span: All

    [Fusion Power] Active use. All "Dark Reincarnation" units receive ATK/INT/DEF+20% and MDEF+30%, as well as the effect: "Skills gain damage dealt+3% for each turn of cooldown. (Max of 20%)." Lasts 4 turns. Cannot be stacked with other Fusion Powers.

    Dark Dragon Breath

    Cost: •• / CD: 5 / Range: 5 / Span: 3 Lines

    [Magic Damage] Attacks all enemies within 3 straight lines, dealing 0.36x times AoE damage. Effective against Holy units. Also inflicts 1 random debuff.

    Dark Saint


    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: Self / Span: 2

    [Magic Damage] Deals 0.3x AoE damage to all enemies within 2 blocks and dispels 2 buffs.

    Fated Martyr

    Holy Shield

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] Upon attacking and entering battle, MDEF +10%.

    Mass Protect

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 3 / Span: 3

    [Assist] Allies within range gain "DEF +20%" and "Immunity to DEF/MDEF Down, Cannot Be Healed". Lasts 2 turns.


    Mass Resist

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 3 / Span: 3

    [Assist] Allies within range gain "MDEF +30%" and "Immunity to stun, unbuffable, and mobility reduction effects". Lasts 2 turns.