Most Recent Global Patch (8/18/2022)

The Fury of the Sandwhirl

■ New Characters: Rostam, Ashumere ■ Exclusives: Kertesz, Mariandel ■ Confession: Saintess of the Ark ■ New Content: Main Story Act 3 Chapter 16~20, Gods' Twilight ■ Adjustments: New nodes, Dawnblessings and Feats added to Covenants. Spacetime Merchant Weekly Star Coin exchange limit increased to 15000.
Most Recent CN Patch (8/25/2022)

4th Anniversary

■ New Characters: Girl in the Shell, Sword of Light and Shadow ■ Exclusives: Archon of the Moon, Kaguya ■ Confession: Azusa ■ SP Hero: Matthew ■ New Soldiers: Bat Wing Warlock, Gallant Duelist ■ New Covenant: Firgg ■ New Content: Main Story Act 3 Chapter 26~30, Lighthouse Tower Defense, 4th Anniversary Login Event ■ Banner: Character Wish Summon (Up to Caroline+Kaguya) ■ Banner: Equipment Wish Summon (Up to Bonecrusher/Tiamat/Rigel/Bloodthirsty) ■ Banner: Wehttam ■ Adjustments: "Skip Battle" option added to Arena Auto Battle