Most Recent Global Patch (2/29/2024)

Covenant of Primal Glory

■ New Characters: Isolde, Jayce ■ Exclusives: Sword of Light and Shadow, Polyal ■ Confession: Elisse ■ New Troops: Wild Expedition, Windbloom Chanter ■ Inscription Skill: Altemuller, Christiane, Ashemar, Imelda ■ New Content: Fair Arena ■ Adjustments: Crafting Hammers stack, Removed exp and enchantment daily quests, World Chat changes, Arena wins bond requirement reduced from 5 to 1.
Most Recent CN Patch (2/22/2024)

The Emperor and the Rebel Wings Ambition

■ New Characters: Tyrantel, Tabres ■ Exclusives: Captain Mack ■ Confession: Isolde ■ SP Hero: Lanford ■ Inscription Skill: Dieharte, Evil God Kreuger, Kertesz, Melania ■ New Content: Dimensional Expedition,Portal Leap- "Chapter 4 Part 3" ■ Adjustments: Warning for Heroes in apex box missing equipment, filters for Units in Apex Box