Talent: Demon Sword's Vessel

When entering battle, critical hit rate and critical damage are increased by (10, 15, 20, 25)%. Soldiers will ranged attack alongside the hero. When this unit has a special effect from a Fusion Power, skill range +(1, 1, 2, 2) and movement +(1, 1, 2, 2).

Bond Requirement:

  • Glory: Level 5 Intimacy.
  • Light: Level 10 Intimacy + Reach level 30.
  • Honor: Level 15 Intimacy + Clear Time Rift 3-1 (Elite) with this character.
  • Toughness: Level 23 Intimacy + Clear Gate 4 with Gizarof's help.
  • Strength: Level 25 Intimacy + Clear Gate 5 with Omega's help.
  • Related Bonds

  • AlphaDEF: Complete GoF: "A Wordless Truth" with Epsilon's help.
  • TranscenderDEF: Clear GoF: "Chaotic Experiment" with Epsilon's help.
  • Level 70 Max Stats:

  • Vindicator
  • HP: 3,540 | ATK: 570 | INT: 244 | DEF: 297 | MDEF:257 | SKL: 171
  • Ultimate Vessel
  • HP: 4,139 | ATK: 600 | INT: 244 | DEF: 309 | MDEF:276 | SKL: 251

    Soldier Bonus:

  • Vindicator / Ultimate Vessel
  • HP: 20% | ATK: 30% | DEF: 25% | MDEF: 25%
    Level 4
    Vindicator: When ranged attacked and entering battle, damage taken -10%. Ultimate Vessel: When attacking and entering battle, unit damage taken -10%.
    Level 7
    Vindicator: When melee attacking and entering battle, damage dealt +10%. Ultimate Vessel: When forced into battle by a magic attack, damage dealt +10%.

    Exclusive Equipment: Annihilation Blade

    ATK +10%. This unit ignores class effects. When a unit dies, dispel 1 debuff from self, restore 30% HP and gain [Demon Sword's Ward]: "Damage taken from the next attack reduced by 80%". [Demon Sword's Ward] has a 1 turn cooldown.

    Awakening: Malefic Demon Edge

    Cost: ••• / CD: 4 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Passive] Every time a unit dies, gain [Bloodthirsty]: "ATK+5%. Can be stacked 4 times. Cannot be dispelled." Also reduce the cooldown of Malefic Demon Edge by 1 turn. [Physical Damage] Ignores guard and deals 1.4x damage. Critical hit rate+30%. If this attack kills the enemy, gain 1 stack of [Bloodthirsty].

    Casting Pattern: Demon's Rage

    [Passive] Crit Damage +10%. When losing [Alhazard Shield] by taking damage, increase damage by 20% for 1 turn.

    Classes & Soldiers


    Soldiers: Heavy Infantry, Berserker

    Ultimate Vessel

    Soldiers: Skeleton Knight, Vampire Bat

    Training Ground

    Soldiers: Cyborg Vessel, Gargoyle, Undead Knight, Samurai, Giant Zombie, Pact Golem

    Demon Sword Wielder


    Cost: / CD: 2 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Ignores guard and deals 1.3x damage. For every block moved before battle, damage dealt-5% (Up to -20%).

    Air Slash

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 2 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Melee soldiers will also attack. This skill does not receive melee range penalties.


    Savage Attack

    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.2x damage. When you are on defensive terrain, casts "Stun" on enemies before battle begins. Lasts 1 turn.


    Shadow Sneak

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: / Span: -

    [Passive] If there are no allies within 2 blocks and no damage was dealt this turn, then after ending action gain [Shadow Sneak]: "When this unit is at 100% HP, cannot be targeted by normal attacks or skills." Lasts 1 turn. This effect has a 1 turn cooldown.

    Shadow Slash

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 2 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.4x damage. If no blocks were moved before battle, then this attack will ignore guard, and if the enemy is killed, may move 2 blocks. This skill is not affected by melee penalties.

    Demon Sword Vessel

    Accelerated Aid

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] After taking action, increases the Mobility of 1 adjacent friendly unit by 1 and grants immunity to Mobility reduction effects and Curse of Wounding (healing taken is converted into damage). Lasts 1 turn.

    Ultimate Vessel


    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: Self / Span: All

    [Fusion Power] Active use. All "Meteor Strike" units receive ATK/INT/DEF+20% and MDEF+30%, as well as the effect: "Before entering battle, increase enemy's chance of being critically hit and critical damage taken by 12%. After defeating an enemy, gain 'Counterattack damage +25%'." Lasts 4 turns. Cannot be stacked with other Fusion Powers.

    Sun Slash

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. After battle, restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt.