Archon of the Moon

Talent: Twin Moons of the Star Ocean

When in water, all stats except HP +(12, 16, 20, 25)%. If on this turn, a [Displacement] effect was successfully executed on an enemy unit, may act again, while also gaining "All terrain is considered water" and "Movement +2". Lasts 2 turns. This effect has a (4, 3, 3 2) turn cooldown.

Bond Requirement:

  • Glory: Level 5 Intimacy.
  • Light: Level 10 Intimacy + Clear Time Rift 3-6 (Normal) with this character.
  • Honor: Level 15 Intimacy + Clear Time Rift 3-1 (Elite) with this character.
  • Toughness: Level 23 Intimacy + Clear GoF4: "The Sacred Snow Mountain" with Brenda's help.
  • Strength: Level 25 Intimacy + Clear GoF5: "The Path and Stage" with Werner's help.
  • Related Bonds

  • AdankelmoDEF: Clear GoF4: "The Change Brought By The Limit" with Archon of the Moon's help.
  • AzusaDEF: Clear GoF: "Prisoner" with Archon of the Moon's help.
  • Level 70 Max Stats:

  • Sealord Vindicator
  • HP: 4,071 | ATK: 592 | INT: 259 | DEF: 323 | MDEF:255 | SKL: 145
  • Archon
  • HP: 4,388 | ATK: 592 | INT: 285 | DEF: 323 | MDEF:247 | SKL: 121

    Soldier Bonus:

  • Sealord Vindicator / Archon
  • HP: 20% | ATK: 35% | DEF: 30% | MDEF: 15%
    Level 4
    Sealord Vindicator: When entering battle with unit HP <70%, damage taken -10%. Archon: When unit HP >80%, chance of being critically hit -10%.
    Level 7
    Sealord Vindicator: When forced into battle, damage dealt +10%. Archon: When attacking and entering battle against enemies with higher HP%, damage dealt +10%.

    Exclusive Equipment: Spacefaring Will

    HP & DEF +5%. When this unit triggers an act again, buffs on this unit do not decrease in duration. After taking action, if this unit is on water and has not dealt damage, then restore 20% HP.

    Awakening: Moon Phase Pull

    Cost: ••• / CD: 3 / Range: 3 / Span: 1

    [Physical Damage] Directly deals 0.26x AoE damage to an enemy and cause [Displacement]: Pulls target adjacent to this unit. Also inflict "Movement -2", lasts 1 turn. Cannot be dispelled. After use, this skill becomes "Moonrise Wave". Moonrise Wave: [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. In water, hero's damage +40%. After battle, restore 30% of damage dealt as HP and inflict "All terrain is treated as water". Cannot be dispelled. Lasts 2 turns. After use, this skill becomes "Moon Phase Pull".

    Casting Pattern: Shadow Moon Tide's Vortex

    [Passive] ATK +10%. After defeating an enemy with [Moon Phase Kill], reduce the Cooldown of all skills by 1 turn.

    Classes & Soldiers

    Sealord Vindicator

    Soldiers: Tide Master, Guardian Infantry


    Soldiers: Heavy Infantry, Vanguard Lancer

    Training Ground

    Soldiers: Lizardman, State Guard, Pirate Raider, Glacier Elemental, Shore Celebrant, Island Ambassador

    Civil Affairs Officer

    Gravity Repulse

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 2 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks an enemy on a line, dealing 1.4x damage. Melee soldiers also attack. For every block moved before battle, damage dealt +5% (up to 15%). If this skill is not guarded against, then cause [Displacement]: Pushes target back 2 blocks. This skill does not suffer melee range penalties.


    Cost: / CD: 1 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.2x damage. If the target is not guarded, then [Displacement]: Target will be moved behind user after battle.

    Sealord Gladiator

    Sun Slash

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. After battle, restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt.

    Sealord Vindicator

    Heart of Twin Moons

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] Negate fatal damage once and restore 10% HP. If this unit is in water, restore 60% HP instead. This may only occur once per map.

    Aqua Blast

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. If used on water, also deals +35% damage.

    Administrative Officer

    Tidal Surge

    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: Self / Span: Single

    [Assist] All passable terrain are treated as Water. Lasts 2 turns. After use, may move 2 blocks and attack.


    DEF Break

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] Before battle, 50% chance to reduce enemy's DEF by 20%. Lasts 1 turn.

    DEF Command

    Cost: •• / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] DEF of all allies within 2 blocks increases by 10%.