Talent: Blades of Resolve

When entering battle, ATK and Critical Hit Rate + (10, 13, 16, 20)%. If this unit did not attack this turn, then after taking action can choose to enter a Battle Stance for one turn. Cannot be immunized or dispelled. Strike Stance: Movement+1, Skill Range+2, Damage Dealt+20%, Ignore Guard. Riposte Stance: Movement+1, when there are no allies within 2 blocks, Damage Taken-35%, Counter Damage+50%, can counterattack ranged attacks, after being attacked restore 35% HP and gain ignore guard. Lasts 1 turn.

Bond Requirement:

  • Glory: Level 5 Intimacy.
  • Light: Level 10 Intimacy + Reach Level 30.
  • Honor: Level 15 Intimacy + Upgrade to Hero.
  • Toughness: Level 23 Intimacy + Clear GoF - "Waning Moon" with Mariandel's help.
  • Strength: Level 25 Intimacy + Clear GoF - "Dark Moon" with Clarett's help.
  • Related Bonds

  • Archon of the MoonATK: Clear GoF5: "The Path and Stage" with Werner's help.
  • MariandelDEF: Clear GoF - "Far Crossing" with Werner's help.
  • McClaineDEF: Clear GoF: "Staggered Front" with Werner's help.
  • Wandering DuelistDEF: Clear GoF: "Old Dream" with Werner's help.
  • Level 70 Max Stats:

  • Assault General
  • HP: 4,269 | ATK: 552 | INT: 244 | DEF: 303 | MDEF:260 | SKL: 301
  • Hero
  • HP: 4,572 | ATK: 583 | INT: 244 | DEF: 339 | MDEF:280 | SKL: 181

    Soldier Bonus:

  • Assault General / Hero
  • HP: 30% | ATK: 40% | DEF: 15% | MDEF: 15%
    Level 4
    Assault General: When ranged attacked, damage taken-10%. Hero: When attacking and entering battle, unit damage taken-10%.
    Level 7
    Assault General: When forced into battle by a ranged attack, damage dealt+10%. Hero: When forced into battle by a melee attack, damage dealt+10%.

    Exclusive Equipment: Windwalker's Cloak

    DEF +10%. At the start of a map, gain [Strike Stance]. When in [Strike Stance], if no blocks were moved before attacking, after battle gain [Strike Stance].

    Awakening: Rending Blow

    Cost: ••• / CD: 4 / Range: 2 / Span: Single

    [Passive] Critical Hit Rate+20%. Soldiers will attack with the hero for ranged attacks. [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. This attack will ignore class effects. If the enemy is defeated, then after battle gain [Strike Stance] and the effect: "Before entering battle, deal 2x ATK of fixed damage to the enemy". If not, gain [Riposte Stance], lasts 1 turn. This skill is not affected by melee range penalties.

    Classes & Soldiers

    Assault General

    Soldiers: Bandit, Elf Master


    Soldiers: Heavy Infantry, Amazon Champion

    Training Ground

    Soldiers: The Faceless, Firebrand Sniper, Cyborg Vessel, State Guard, Elven Spear Thrower, Elysium Assassin, Fang Guard, Wild Expedition, Aegis Garde


    Sun Slash

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. After battle, restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt.

    Sun Shade

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] When entering battle with a melee attack, after battle, 30% chance to restore HP (30% of damage dealt in this battle).

    Raiding Ranger

    Sneak Attack

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] If Crit Damage is dealt when entering battle, 1 extra fixed damage can be triggered after battle. (Damage = 2x hero's ATK)

    Assault General

    Double-bladed Strike

    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1x damage. 40% chance of attacking twice. If this unit is in [Strike Stance], attacking twice is guaranteed, and this unit will attack first.

    Skill Command

    Cost: •• / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] Increases skill of all allies within 3 blocks by 20%


    Savage Attack

    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.2x damage. When you are on defensive terrain, casts "Stun" on enemies before battle begins. Lasts 1 turn.


    Warfare Tactics

    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] If this unit is on defensive terrain, then after battle deal fixed damage equal to 1x ATK and restore 20% HP to self, and if actively attacking, may move 3 blocks after attacking.

    Blade of Freedom

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.4x damage. Before battle, disables the enemy's passives. Lasts 1 turn.