Gintoki Sakata

Talent: Samurai Spirit

After an ally has been attacked, gain 1 stack of [Samurai Spirit]: "ATK +(3, 4, 6, 8)%. Damage Taken -(3, 4, 6, 8)%. Lasts 4 turns. Can be stacked up to 4 times. Cannot be dispelled." When 4 stacks of [Samurai Spirit] is reached, gain [Shiroyasha]: "Movement +2. Damage Dealt in battle +30%. This unit attacks first." When an ally dies, gain 4 stacks of [Samurai Spirit], and if this unit has already taken action, this unit may act again. [Shiroyasha] cannot be dispelled or immunized. The act again effect may only occur 1 time per turn.

Bond Requirement:

  • Glory: Level 5 Intimacy.
  • Light: Level 10 Intimacy + Reach level 30.
  • Honor: Level 15 Intimacy + Clear Time Rift 3-1 (Elite) with this character.
  • Toughness: Level 23 Intimacy + Upgrade to Yorozuya Founder.
  • Strength: Level 25 Intimacy + Upgrade to Sword Saint.
  • Level 70 Max Stats:

  • Leader of Odd Jobs
  • HP: 4,556 | ATK: 597 | INT: 257 | DEF: 346 | MDEF:300 | SKL: 116
  • Sword Saint
  • HP: 4,556 | ATK: 597 | INT: 283 | DEF: 320 | MDEF:289 | SKL: 226

    Soldier Bonus:

  • Leader of Odd Jobs / Sword Saint
  • HP: 30% | ATK: 40% | DEF: 15% | MDEF: 15%
    Level 4
    Yorozuya Founder: For every block moved before battle, unit damage taken -3% (up to 15%). Sword Saint: When unit HP >80%, chance of being critically hit -10%.
    Level 7
    Yorozuya Founder: When forced into battle by a physical attack, damage dealt +10% Sword Saint: When forced into battle, critical hit rate +10%.

    Awakening: Lake Toya

    Cost: ••• / CD: 5 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Passive] After taking action, if no damage was dealt this turn, gain [Iaido]: "Before entering battle, deal 0.25x AoE Damage to enemies within 1 ring. Wears off after activating once. Lasts 1 turn." [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.8x damage. Before battle, dispel 5 buffs and disable all equipment effects aside from max HP effects. Lasts 2 turns. Cannot be dispelled. If the target is a non player character, then inflict all stats -25% instead. If the enemy does not die, the cooldown of this skill is reduced by 5. This cooldown reduction effect may only occur once every 2 turns.

    Classes & Soldiers

    Leader of Odd Jobs

    Soldiers: Heavy Infantry, Holy Pegasus

    Sword Saint

    Soldiers: Berserker, Phalanx

    Training Ground

    Soldiers: Samurai, Hoplite, Sand Sea Mercenary, Steel Wing Warrior, Fang Guard


    Air Slash

    Cost: •• / CD: 2 / Range: 2 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Melee soldiers will also attack. This skill does not receive melee range penalties.


    Cost: / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] When HP% is higher than the enemy's, ATK+12% when entering battle.

    Soul of the Samurai

    Sheep's Ram

    Cost: •• / CD: 3 / Range: 6 / Span: Line

    [Physical Damage] Attacks enemies along 1 line for 0.4x AoE Damage and disables their weapon effects (aside from HP). Lasts 2 turns. If the enemy is a non-player character, then inflict "ATK/INT -25%" instead. Damage from this attack is decreased for each enemy hit, from near to far, by 20% (up to -60%). Also causes [Displacement]: Knock back the targets by 3 blocks.

    Leader of Odd Jobs

    Oath of Protection

    Cost: / CD: 15 / Range: 3 / Span: Single

    [Assist] Target one non-summon ally and grant [Oath of Protection]. If this ally is within 3 blocks, then take physical attacks for this ally. This unit will not die from taking fatal damage while guarding this way, instead restoring 50% HP. This effect can only occur once per battle. [Oath of Protection] cannot be immunized or dispelled. When the ally with [Oath of Protection] dies, Gintoki Sakata will gain [Shiroyasha] permanently.

    Sword Soul

    Cost: •• / CD: 5 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.8x damage. Before battle, dispels 5 buffs from enemies. Also inflict "Cannot be healed". Lasts 2 turns. Cannot be dispelled.


    Eat Candy

    Cost: / CD: 3 / Range: Self / Span: Single

    [Assist] Restore 50% HP and gain 1 stack of [Sugar]. Lasts 6 turns, can be stacked. After use may move 3 blocks and attack. If [Sugar] gets to 2 stacks, gain [Sugar Overdose]: "Hero Movement -1, Damage Dealt -15%." When using this skill, buffs will not decrease in duration. [Sugar] and [Sugar Overdose] cannot be immunized or dispelled. When in [Shiroyasha] status, [Sugar Overdose] does not take effect.

    Sword Saint


    Cost: •• / CD: 1 / Range: 1 / Span: Single

    [Physical Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.4x damage. Critical hit rate increased by 20%.

    ATK Command

    Cost: •• / CD: - / Range: - / Span: -

    [Passive] ATK & INT of all allies within 2 blocks increases by 10%.